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Two misson 'Tactical Espionage" campaign Hawk In Shadows was the first launched part of Hawk's Trilogy. The main priorities were tactical infiltration gameplay and story (both inspired by Metal Gear Solid by Hideo Kojima/Konami). Main features are: Alarm system (basic), 20 minutes of cutscenes and 20 music tracks.

Progress: launched; Gold version planned


Our current project. It is prequel of Hawk In Shadows and returns to Operation Assassin spoken in H.I.S. Contains Alarm System Full which (especialy in combination of tactical satellite system) makes infiltration quite similar to strategy 'Commandos' by Pyro Studios. Story shown in cinematic cutscenes is also first priority goal and is the root of whole story of trilogy. Another features are: own island, 'hand to hand' combat, three levels of difficulty, heavily scripted AI and music tracks.



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