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We proudly announce, that new version of Hawk In Nets won main prize of Mission Editing Competition 2004.
We thank to all who supported us and We wish to all creative and hard working mission editors such success and happines.
We also present new design of our web sites. This time, some of features may be unavailable and will be restored over time.

Older news:
Since the end of holidays Munch Studios lead Operation 85 project which was joint project. Also we started works on a full game project of arcade space shooter in 3D graphics and some features not comon for this genre. Since that this web won´t be probably concerned only with Operation Flashpoint mission development.
Hawk In Moonlight project is paused because Op85 and game makes us quite busy. After finishing Op85 we will reconsider options of HIM development (for example reducing planed length and addons/features requirements).

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